EMSA is one of the biggest generator company in Turkey. In 1977 EMSA

became the first company in Turkey to produce in commercial alternators to

meet the growing demand for a reliable uninterrupted power source and

became Turkey's biggest company that produce alternators. Following a

concerted effort of research, development and engineering EMSA began

producing gensets and is now recognized one of the industry leaders in the

specialized field.


     Because of EMSA uncompromising quality control requirements which includes the CE , ISO 9001:2000, ISO 18001:2004, ISO14001:2004 , GOST standards, EMSA produces diesel generators ranging between 13-2500 kVA powered by famous Deutz, Perkins, Volvo Penta, Weichai, Cummins and its own brand with famous alternators such as Stamford, Mecc Alte and again its own brand.


     EMSA , also provides synchronous systems, control panels, soundproof cases and other accessories to ensure a continuous and reliable power supply with high technology. Our R&D departments take a great pride in designing and building power supply systems that are customized to meet the most complex and sophisticated demands in the world, while remaining economically efficient and environmentally compatible.


     EMSA will also provide spare parts for each of its products up to 10 years and furnish free field surveys and on site assembly integration. Complete customer satisfaction is EMSA's widespread network of dealerships, our customer support department includes mobile technical units to ensure a quick response for nearly every possible need that our customers may have


Control Panels






EMSA  GENERATOR, more recently, to distinguish them in the wider R & D activities and designs produced by generators to meet the needs ofconsumers. Of experience from the past, over time, adding new systems, new technological developments cheking, constantly improvingproduct quality,  EMSA  Generator efforts to offer users the best andhighest quality service continues unabated.


       The generator used in the standard control panel, which borrows all thenecessary control and protection circuits are designed to be easy to use as our customers. All the necessary instruments and control equipment,the control panel is located on the front cover. The generator'sautomatic and manual control panels in accordance with the needs andwishes yapılmaktdır production.



       Automatic control panels, following the one-or three-phase mainsvoltage, the load transfer between the generator and the fault with the network that controls with microprocessor-controlled device which is simple to use clock time as the emergency stop button and check thebox tasaralanmış. The indicators currently in use on board as a generator controller that reduces the cost of collecting the dashboard.There are four pieces of the device operating mode. Automatic, testing, manual and off modes of operation selected via buttons located on the device. 98 of the device for holding the Menu button for 3 seconds eachparameter separately and stored digitally adjusted. In this way, any type of device to the motor, are adapted to the need for a separate unit.



Synchronized Systems






EMSA  GENERATOR R & D group, the world shortage of high-power diesel engines, and also against the high costs of special projects will provide great benefits to its customers by developing the necessary studies. Synchronous generator with multi-user systems, and high costs of being dependent on both single generator. Our expert staff, the project is the creation and development needs of the requests and customer representatives. First, the required generator power, and Total are determined, according to him the ideal scenario is generated by selecting the synchronized system.


Continuous synchronous generator by use of synchronous systems, redundant power and redundant fault can be divided into groups to be synchronized. According to the details of the project in return to mains power is intermittent or continuous (smooth transition) can be divided into two in the form.


Synchronous control board was created for system control, in all of the values derived from the measured and also maintains a generator. Thanks to the electronic control relays used in protection functions and details of all the standards production is taken into account.


Sound Isolation Booths







Sound attenuated enclosure with modular bolt connected to each other are made of high quality steel.


Sound insulation material imported, perfectly sound-absorbing materials are used.








Trailers Tow system featured


Trailer system is particularly appealing to companies in the construction and production, which allows the generator to act as the mobile system.


Technically, the


* According to the power generator, or two single-axle


* Any brake system corresponds to the probability of a collision becomes,


* Paint on the quality of the standard double-layered enamel paint


* Road traffic regulation laws


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